Working on Iowa’s Whiskey

With a population of less than 400, Templeton, Iowa, is a small town with a strong spirit. As the agency for Templeton Rye, Trilix has taken many trips to the home of Iowa’s most famous whiskey, most recently for the grand opening of their new distillery!

Since beginning our relationship with Templeton Rye three years ago, Trilix has worked with the brand on a variety of projects. Not only does our social media team run their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts but we’ve also helped design bottles for the four, six and 10-year whiskey launches. Additionally, we redesigned Templeton Rye’s current website, including crafting catchy web copy. Plus, we’re in the process of launching their first national advertising campaign!

Known unofficially as the Town of Templeton Campaign, this national push will feature the places and faces of Templeton, Iowa, revealing the unique connection between Templeton’s people, history and whiskey. Trilix is excited to use an integrated approach across multiple mediums to highlight The Good Stuff’s prohibition roots, demonstrating how they’ve spread to touch every person in this tiny community.

Members of Trilix’s video, public relations and creative teams spent four days in Templeton to gather information for the campaign. Senior Copywriter Tucker Vasey, Media Production Specialist Chris Timmerman, Video Producer Nathan McNurlen, Videographer James Drescher and Creative Director Brent Wirth interviewed local inhabitants about their family history and daily life. From bootlegging legends of days past to humorous town stories, the people of Templeton showed us what their strong community spirit is all about. Now we’re going to share it with the world.

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