You’ve probably heard that social media is a crucial marketing outlet for your business dozens of times. But have you actually made that truism come, you know, true? Our team has made social media a vital tool in our clients’ marketing utility belts for years now. Our process is the key, and it’s why working with Trilix delivers better social media ROI than hiring a single person to be your social media manager or trying to add social media to your existing workload.

We work with clients to create a custom social media strategy, specific to their goals and wants. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, awareness and reach, website clicks or sign-ups, or simply gain more exposure, our custom strategy will deliver a significant social media ROI.

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Our strategic social media process includes planning, research, creating engaging and relevant content, building smart campaigns, publishing regularly, engaging with followers, producing professional-quality images and videos and placing highly targeted social media ads. The end result is a cohesive campaign that meets your goals by getting relevant and distinctive messages in front of your target audiences at key times.


Tag those mentioned in your posts.

  • This tactic is a quick way to show your audience who or what you’re talking about.
  • Tagging increases your odds of the person or organization sharing your content, commenting and increasing engagement with your content among their own followers.

 Include an action.

  • Link to a website, blog post, news article, etc., where followers can obtain more information.
  • Prompt engagement with a question or conversation-starter.

Use images and infographics.

  • A post with no visual element looks naked! Don’t let your brand be naked on social media.
  • Better yet, use video when possible.
  • Post content that is interesting and engaging to capture your audience’s attention.
  • Don’t recycle the same visuals or use bland stock photography when you can easily capture a more relevant image with your smartphone camera.

Here’s a breakdown of the Trilix social media process and how we execute strategically on behalf of our clients. These steps are the secret sauce to crushing goals with social media, and we do it better than most companies can do it on their own because we have an entire agency dedicated to executing thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Social Media Audit

  • In-depth review of current social media presence (if applicable), including stats and analytics, engagement levels, implementation of industry best practices, etc.
  • Identify what’s going well and what needs work.
  • Competitive analysis.

Social Media Opportunity Analysis

  • Identify brand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT).
  • Determine current key audiences and establish prospective audiences.

Goal Setting

  • Establish your social media goals (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.) and develop a strategic plan on how to meet and exceed them.
  • Discuss and develop a plan to be more strategic — keep SWOT in mind.

Develop a Strategy

  • Determine which social media platforms you will use to reach your target audiences and frequency of posting.
  • Identify your social messaging.
  • Decide if content will be the same or differentiated between platforms.
  • Generate content and content calendars for each platform based on your goals and audiences.
  • Develop a plan to obtain the necessary content and approvals, including deadlines, touch-base phone calls and meetings, etc.
  • Create compelling visual assets (photos, creative graphics, videos) for social posts.
  • Create social media campaigns around your business goals.
  • Create a robust social media paid advertising strategy in addition to the overall social media plan.


  • Identify a key individual to manage day-to-day communication about social media.
  • Differentiate posting times by platform and ensure consistent publishing using a scheduling management platform like Hootsuite or Buffer.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Provide monthly analytics reports that detail our efforts and track valuable social engagement, web traffic/purchase and benchmarking information.
  • Use metrics gained from monthly reports to see what worked and what didn’t and adjust content accordingly. Social media content is constantly evolving!


Forget to monitor.

  • Engage and respond when people message or comment on your posts. You’re asking for engagement, so respond when you get it.

Look silly.

  • Poor grammar, spelling errors and #excessive or #irrelevant #hashtags reduce your credibility. Think before you post!

Is social media helping your business? Find out.

Get a social media check-up. Answer a few simple questions and our team will get started on your FREE, custom social audit.

Request Your Audit Now