Trilix Supports a Healthy Lifestyle Through FitMittee

What is a great way to keep employees engaged and performing their best work? Encouraging a healthy lifestyle, of course! Trilix promotes health and fitness through one of our three committees, the “FitMittee,” to ensure our employees come to work with a positive attitude, energy and motivation to get them through the day.

Comprised of four employees — Megan Olson, Courtney Kimsey, Ben Larson, and Megan Stelter meets once a month to discuss fitness activities for the office to engage in throughout the year. A few of the events they have planned for 2018 include the Exile Fun Run, a blood drive, and in-office chair massages. The FitMittee also orders healthy snacks to give our employees an extra caloric boost when needed.

Trilix supports a healthy lifestyle both in and outside the office, which not only improves employee morale, but it also decreases employee sick days, encourages less turnover (happy employees stay at their job) and lowers stress levels.

Between FitMittee, BeerMittee and FunMittee, Trilix finds creative ways to keep employees happy and engaged while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. We understand that a job is much more than a job. At Trilix, we want employees to feel content every day they come to work.

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