One of the most trusted and well-known names in commercial grade washers and dryers, Dexter Laundry has helped people and companies around the world launder more efficiently for more than a century.

We’re proud to help Dexter Laundry tell their story to prospective customers. We recently had the opportunity to help Dexter create a video to showcase their new fire response system, an industry-leading innovation.

Dryer fires have long been a serious concern for laundry managers. According to the National Fire Protection Association, dryers account for more than 4,000 non-home structure fires and $45 million dollars in damage each year. That’s why Dexter developed a solution: its multi-level fire response system.

Dry, hot loads of linens such as towels or sheets are dangerous because they can spontaneously combust in a dryer. Combustion usually happens in hotels, nursing homes or other on-premise locations after hours, when someone has set the dryer for too long and left the area. The resulting fire can cause significant damage. The only available solutions before Dexter’s innovation were water-based, meaning an operational water line is required. Once activated, a considerable spray of water would douse the fire, but in doing so could also cause permanent damage to equipment or property damage from flooding.

“Seeing is believing — we needed to show our customers to prove to them it works."

Amanda Konczal

Dexter’s multi-level fire response technology is unique because it is the only system that can operate without water. The system monitors the temperature inside the dryer drum and automatically activates if an unexpected increase in temperature is detected. Some models can even be connected to an external alarm. The dryer’s display will indicate there may be a fire, the dryer will close off air outlets and the tumbler will activate, causing the laundry in the drum to smother the fire. Dexter’s water-equipped models bring two additional levels of fire protection. The next level of protection includes misters that lightly spritz the load with a controlled amount of water based on the size of the load, helping extinguish the fire while avoiding equipment damage. Finally, if the fire is robust enough to survive the first two levels of protection, the third-level response is activated and the dryer’s misters will completely douse the fire with water.

Our video team worked with Dexter to feature each process of the fire response system at work, showing a load of towels on their journey from a potentially devastating fire hazard to safely doused. Dexter chose to show off their new technology through video because, according to Dexter Laundry Director of Marketing and Customer Support Amanda Konczal, “Seeing is believing — we needed to show our customers to prove to them it works. This video makes us more credible and the technology more believable to our customers.” We believe Dexter’s commitment to the quality and safety of their products shines through in the video.