When the NCAA is one of your clients, you are honored and awed to be a part of the work. Last month, Trilix was lucky enough to attend the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, for the third year in a row. Our video team spent the week interviewing players, producing, shooting and editing videos on site, and even sitting down with legendary Major League Baseball pitcher Roger Clemens, aka the Rocket.

This year, the Trilix video team created a series of videos with each one representing a different aspect of the College World Series and its participating athletes. From filming a “Welcome to Omaha” video, as well as brotherhood, rituals and superstitions, they also created short clips recapping the opening ceremony. Working with every team on the field and in interviews, our video team had a blast meeting all of the players while enjoying America’s favorite pastime!

“I always went to the College World Series growing up, since I’m from Omaha, so it was a really cool experience to be working it and see all of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes,”

Sydney Dhabalt -Trilix Video Editor and Producer

The videos created by Trilix will be used across the NCAA’s various social media platforms throughout the year.