Trilix Communications Team Feels Lucky to Hire Kramer McLuckie

Okay, we had to make a “lucky” reference in the title. And Trilix’s latest hire will tell you he’s gotten that joke his entire life. Kramer McLuckie joined the Trilix PR/Communications team on December 4 as our latest communications specialist. The “dude with the cool last name” brings with him a brand new client: The Fleur Cinema, where he worked as marketing director before joining the team. We’re thrilled to welcome Kramer to Trilix — get to know him in the questionnaire below.

Tell us about yourself — where are you from (both geographically and also before this job)?
I’m from Columbia, Missouri, originally. I came to Iowa by way of Grinnell College. Before joining Trilix, I worked for Coppola Enterprises helping with whatever needed to be done (including marketing) at Echo Valley Country Club and The Fleur Cinema.

It’s no secret you have a pretty unique name. What’s the craziest way someone has messed up your name?
I think because my name is so unusual, people almost always remember it and don’t mess it up. I’m used to the Seinfeld jokes for my first name or the McLovin/Superbad jokes for my last name, and I don’t mind them. My name’s like a conversation piece when I first meet people.

Outside the office and home, where would one be most likely to find you?
If I’m not in the office or at home, call the police. Just kidding! My wife and I love to go to the movies and do so frequently. You might also find me very near my house walking our retired racing greyhound or, heaven forbid, sometimes even at the gym.

Tell me your most unique skill.
I have a knack for trivia. I’m a Jeopardy nut and love playing in pub quizzes.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
I’ll go with the ability to freeze time. If I were ever tired, I could just take a nap and pick up where I left off.

If you had to be allergic to EVERYTHING except ONE THING…what would it be?
Probably a thing I am actually allergic to: dogs. I love dogs so much that I soldier through my allergy to have one.

*The lightning round*

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars. Can’t wait for those Porgs!

Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings?
Honestly…neither. In terms of nerdom, I’m much more into sci-fi than high fantasy.

NFL or college football?
College football. When you’re from Columbia, Missouri, you’ve got to root on the Mizzou Tigers every Saturday!

Chinese food or Mexican food?

Camping trip or beach trip?

Euro trip or South American trip?
Euro trip — I studied abroad in London and loved getting to travel around Europe. The British Museum is one of my favorite places in the world. But why not just go to EPCOT and get Europe, South America and roller coasters? Orlando: the world’s true cosmopolitan city.

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