Trilix Celebrates Creative Director Paul Burger’s 20 years at Trilix

Twenty years ago, while much of the world was saying their goodbyes to the popular television series Seinfeld or relishing in the excitement around Furbys and the creation of the iMac, Trilix welcomed one of its now tenured creative designers on board, Paul Burger. This year, Trilix celebrates Paul and his 20 years of service to the agency and the marketing industry. Paul’s journey at Trilix has evolved over the past two decades, and his story is worth sharing.

Paul started his career as a print designer for Falcon Marketing & Communications in the late 1990s. Then, in 1998, Paul moved to Trilix during a time when the digital sphere began to evolve and the need for an established web presence became more prevalent for clients. When he arrived at Trilix, Paul focused primarily on web design and development for clients, while continuing his work in print design. About five years ago, Paul seized an opportunity for a role in the creative department  and was thrilled to shift his focus back to developing creative brand elements for clients, including print and digital ads.

Over the past 20 years, Paul has enjoyed working alongside his coworkers and expanding his expertise at Trilix. He shares the same core values that the agency was founded upon — integrity, honesty, commitment and dedication. “To know that you work at a place that has principles and values that align with your own personal ones is truly the most rewarding aspect for me and makes me proud to still be a part of it,” said Paul.

Through his experience at Trilix, Paul has gained an extensive knowledge base about the marketing industry. He has seen the digital industry transform, something that Paul notes has been a huge focus for brands over the last decade with an emphasis on web/mobile, social and video presence. “With almost five billion mobile users worldwide with increasingly better internet access, I think consumer audiences require more timely information. With this, businesses need broader and more unique approaches to communicate to them,” Paul explained.

In addition to the evolution of his role and industry, Paul has seen Trilix progress. He has seen the organization grow from a small eight-person company to a multi-department organization with a large group of talented and hardworking professionals. “It has been a privilege to be a part of that growth and to see each department go from just one or two people to many extremely talented individuals. The greatest thing to watch is how we’ve helped our clients grow and evolve in the marketplace alongside us,” said Paul.

Paul’s 20 years at Trilix have been memorable, to say the least. His dedication and hard work in creating excellent brand and design elements for our clients has truly added to the company’s success, and we are grateful to have such a dedicated and knowledgeable individual on our team.

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