At Trilix, we care deeply about fostering a welcoming and engaging office culture because culture differentiates a fulfilling career from a good job. A great workplace environment encourages an engaged, innovative and collaborative team. With offices in Des Moines, Iowa, and Birmingham, Alabama, we work diligently to maintain our strong office culture across state lines.

Trilix opened our Birmingham office in 2017. "The location just made sense", said Trilix President Todd Senne. The two cities share many commonalities. Each has a similarly sized metropolitan area that serves as a regional economic hub. Both downtown Des Moines and Birmingham have seen major revitalization in the last 10 years, with more on the way.

Trilix’s offices are in the heart of each city’s bustling urban core. The locations put Trilix in the thick of vibrant downtown business communities, with easy access to surrounding communities. The Birmingham office also helps us serve one of our largest industrial manufacturing clients, McWane Inc., and opens opportunities to work within other industries in Alabama.

While both cities have cultural parallels, it takes care and attention to maintain a cohesive office culture between the two locations.

“The number one factor is that we recruited one existing Trilix employee, Account Manager Austin Narber, to move there so we at least had one person who knew our values and processes,” Todd said.

Austin said he thought of Trilix Birmingham as “a blank slate that I was very excited to bring to life.”

“I spent 3.5 years in Des Moines learning that Trilix culture is really just the idea that, outside of doing great work for our incredible clients and providing innovative marketing strategies, we get to spend each day having fun with people who feel like family,” he said. “That’s reflected in our work through our ability to collaborate. I knew that as Trilix Birmingham grew, it would be important to find ways to become closer inside our walls, as well as outside the office.”

For years, Trilix’s Des Moines team has held regular employee outings, Friday happy hours and culture-building committees that make working at Trilix a blast. Our Birmingham team participates in those activities, too, by hosting their own events in conjunction with the Des Moines team and having members represented on Trilix’s fun, coffee, beer and wellness committees. That culture was apparent to Communications Specialist Emily Esleck, an Alabama native who joined the Trilix Birmingham team in 2018.

“In everything the company does and in Trilix’s core values, togetherness and teamwork can be found,” she said. “We’re all one big team, and everyone is understanding and pitches in to help get projects done. Trilix makes work fun while challenging and helping employees to excel in their careers.”

In addition to teambuilding activities, our departments have regular meetings to communicate and collaborate on projects. Having leaders and team members who value your daily work makes a job more fulfilling, said Keith Swofford, a communications specialist in Trilix’s Birmingham office.

“A company’s culture is one of the most important characteristics of an organization, and Trilix’s emphasis on workplace environment was a key factor in deciding to work here,” Keith said. “During my first of our biweekly meetings, I was offered assistance by everyone in the Communications Department. That offer has never gone away. When we work together, our work is stronger.”

Austin agreed that communication is key.

“I think we do a good job individually making sure that two-way communication between Des Moines and Birmingham stays open by having committees at both locations, team calls and social media posts about each office from the Trilix account,” he said. “We don’t feel far away.”

Our leadership also travels to Birmingham at least once a month to meet with our team and clients in Alabama.

“When I travel there, I usually have client meetings all day,” Todd said. “Our Birmingham team and I usually go out to dinner often because it’s the only time I have really to talk with the staff, have a chance to bond and talk about company goals.”

It was also important to Trilix that our two offices resemble each other. Both Trilix offices are in historic, renovated buildings. The open-concept, sleek aesthetic adds energy and an air of innovation to each office. Both offices have walls painted in our signature green with Trilix logo art and photography of the surrounding streets and landmarks on the walls. Todd also crafted handmade wooden Trilix-branded conference tables for both offices.

While we emphasize inclusion across offices, it’s important to understand that each location may have subtle differences.

Todd Senne, Trilix President

“It's good to have our culture integrated, but the Birmingham office has the opportunity to build its own culture over time because they have a different dynamic as a smaller team,” Todd said. “The Trilix Birmingham team is with each other all day long, so they’re a very tight knit group. It’s a little harder to build that comradery in a bigger group, so that’s a positive.”

The Birmingham team often has coffee and happy hour outings that unite their team inside and outside the office, Austin said.

“We spend time talking about our client work, ideas, our likes and dislikes, our families, our struggles, our successes — everything,” he said. “It’s amazing how much more productive you can be when you’ve developed a level of trust and comfort with your coworkers.” In each office, a strong culture creates an environment where team members thrive.