Whether you want to generate new leads, launch a new product and connect with existing customers, trade shows are a powerful platform for your business. At Trilix, we work with both B2B and B2C clients across different industries to simplify their marketing and public relations efforts at trade shows to ensure they’re getting the highest return on their investment. With the majority of our services available in-house, we’re able to quickly execute our clients’ deliverables in time for the show.

Most recently, Trilix employees assisted a few of our agriculture clients at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa — the nation’s largest outdoor farm event. Our event services for clients included branded materials and display design, lead generation promotions, event planning and on-site management, content generation, media relations outreach, social media management and more. Essentially, all components of marketing and public relations can be utilized for a trade show to successfully generate brand awareness and drive visitors to the booth.

In addition to our in-house services, we encourage our clients to follow these general tips to maximize their presence at trade shows.

  1. Prepare a plan. Yes, this step may seem obvious, but developing a plan that outlines overall event goals and executable strategies and tactics is essential to a successful show. Map key dates and timelines as well as your desired audience(s) as you prepare for the show. Include vendor information, booth location and layout, promotional opportunities and media and digital strategies to promote the event. Make a plan to ensure you’re using your time and resources wisely before, during and after the event.
  2. Engage visitors. Whether it’s promoting your booth on social media, developing trade show promotions for a call to action, advertising your presence at the show through paid media opportunities or simply having conversations with show attendees, outreach can go a long way to drive the right audience to your booth. If you’re working the booth, think of ways you can strike up a conversation with people passing by to make them more comfortable and open to chatting, maybe offering them a promotional giveaway, for example. Incorporate trade show campaigns that tie into your overall brand, and consider sponsorship opportunities at the show to build brand awareness.  
  3. Make lead generation a priority. You want to capture as many leads for future sales opportunities as possible. Even if your end goal is to raise awareness about an organization or educate the public about a specific platform, the more people you can effectively reach and communicate with at trade shows, the more your reach and brand awareness grows. We recommend our clients have lead generation cards or handouts available at the show. Trilix has even created mobile apps so that visitors can input their information electronically. These resources provide a simple way to get contact information from potential leads or to provide a way for visitors to contact you following the show.
  4. Stay organized. A cluttered space isn’t an inviting environment. Show booths need to stay tidy and organized with a clear path for guests. Staff need to be professional while maintaining a positive attitude and welcoming environment for visitors. Create a floor plan that maximizes the flow of customers in and out of the booth. Assign booth staff to different roles so each person can effectively carryout their task. Position signage around the perimeter in addition to brand experts who can draw visitors to your booth.

People who have a great experience and interaction with your company at a trade show are much more likely to be receptive to your call (or email). If you find that you’re lacking the resources to effectively maximize your value at trade shows, give Trilix a call. We will get things done for you!