New Trilix Video Addition Brings an Athletic Edge

Originally born in Des Moines, new Trilix video producer/editor Sydney Dhabalt moved to Omaha when she was five years old. She wound up competing on the University of Nebraska Omaha’s swim team all four years of college, while simultaneously working for UNO’s athletic video department.

It makes sense, then, that Sydney would be a perfect fit for the Trilix video team’s newest position: a producer/editor who will work primarily with our client the Iowa Wild, shooting games and editing new videos for the minor league favorite.

We sat down with Sydney to learn more about her athletic background, as well as the more important details pertaining to favorite foods and TV shows.

How long have you been playing around with cameras/video? Take us back to your first video…what did you create?
High school was when I first realized I had a passion for video and the overall idea of storytelling. I started creating videos for my friends for their birthdays by using footage I took of them and taught myself how to effectively and creatively edit to music. I also enjoyed creating my own music videos featuring my twin sister who happened to enjoy being in front of the camera, which was great practice for me to strengthen my editing and filming capabilities.

On any given Saturday morning, where could we find you?
About a year ago, you could find me in the pool at practice, but now you could find me either watching a football game if there’s one on or in the kitchen making my favorite breakfast food…pancakes!

What’s your greatest fear?
It may seem kind of odd, but being stuck in an elevator for a long period of time is a fear of mine.

As a student athlete, is there a particular sport/activity you are absolutely not good at?
I am definitely not the greatest runner. I also had friends in college who were into Ultimate Frisbee, and I quickly found out I couldn’t throw a Frisbee correctly to save my life.

You were born in Iowa, but spent a lot of time in Nebraska. So, do you consider yourself more of an Iowan or a Nebraskan?
Even though I’ve been a Nebraskan since the age of five, my family camps at the Iowa State Fair for 10 days straight every year. It’s been a family tradition since before I was born. My grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins from Iowa all camp there too. So, I’d have to say it’s a tie!

Welcome to the team, Sydney!

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