When Trilix made a video celebrating Polk County and Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino’s 30-year-long nonprofit partnership, our work was just getting started.

Polk County and Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino certainly have accomplished a lot in 30 years: Together, their nonprofit partnership (one of only two of its kind in the nation) has generated more than $1.8 billion in community funding — or about $37 million each year — for education, arts and culture, economic development, human services and everything in between

Following Trilix’s work last January on a 30-year anniversary video for the partnership, Prairie Meadows and Polk County this time asked our agency for a campaign that would show people the many ways their giving creates stronger communities, stronger lives and stronger futures in central Iowa. The result was See Our Impact, a multi-channel approach leveraging video, digital and social media to tell a decades-in-the-making story of one dynamic duo dedicated to making a difference.

Our creative team knew the best way to demonstrate the wide-ranging impact was to tell it directly from community leaders. With a long list of organizations, projects and grant recipients to work with, our creative team got to work capturing content and crafting campaign messages to be targeted and shared across the web.

“For the Impact film, we needed to create something that spoke to the positive influence the Polk County and Prairie Meadows partnership has on the community,” said Trilix Video Producer/Editor Nathan McNurlen. “To accomplish this, we captured stories and perspectives from a wide array of individuals who have worked directly with the partnership and share its goals of community betterment. Pairing this with bright and vibrant imagery of real areas of impact was a great way to show the scale of the impact this partnership has yielded.”

“Not everybody knows that we’re a nonprofit casino, let alone the impact we’ve been striving to make for the past 30 years. This campaign has been a great way to provide valuable insight into the importance of our partnership with Polk County.”

Julie Stewart, Director of Community Relations at Prairie Meadows

With tons of footage and thousands of photographs to work with, Trilix delivered four months’ worth of social videos, plus one longer-format film that was unveiled at the Polk County and Prairie Meadows Community Impact Luncheon on July 15.

“Trilix has helped Polk County with several major initiatives, and they have been terrific to work with! They consistently produce high-quality work, are thoughtful and creative and are always responsive to our questions and ideas. They have been an outstanding partner.”

Sarah Boese, Director of Community Relations, Polk County Board of Supervisors

Now that more and more people are learning how their lives and communities have been transformed by the nonprofit’s efforts, Polk County and Prairie Meadows are excited to use the newfound awareness to generate excitement for their partnership and many more future projects sure to create impact felt across generations. For our part, we enjoy collaborating with such a dedicated partnership, and we can’t wait to see what great impacts they’ll bring us next.

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