Every brand wants to charm the millennial demographic. And while this generation is one of the most important groups of buyers, appealing to them can be difficult due to their unique purchasing habits. The trick in gaining their loyalty involves getting their attention and keeping it. This is no small feat, considering younger consumers aren’t as likely as previous generations to respond to traditional advertising or marketing tactics. We’re breaking down five ways to capture millennials’ attention.

Listen to Them

One of the greatest things about millennials is they will give you honest feedback. Whether they love or hate a product, you’ll know. Pay attention to their feedback and apply it.

Give Them Instant Responses

Authenticity is extremely important to millennials. If something looks like an ad, it will immediately be skipped over. With this demographic, marketing extends beyond the ad. Millennials will ask questions through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and will expect an immediate response. Give it to them!

Be Transparent

This generation has grown up with the information they want at their fingertips. While previous generations may have happily employed an “ignorance is bliss” mindset when it came to how products were produced, Millennials want brands to be open and honest. The more straightforward a brand is about their history, product development and consumer initiatives, the higher chance they’ll have at building up trust with this demographic.

Utilize Influencers

Influencers have a huge impact on millennials’ purchasing decisions. Implementing influencer campaigns into your marketing strategy provides depth and authenticity, which helps millennials relate to your brand. Influencers almost feel like a trusted friend recommending a product rather than an ad. Be mindful when choosing influencers for your brand. Select someone who maintains an appropriate voice and tone to avoid appearing forced and losing credibility among your audience (Inc.com).

Outbound marketing is out

Millennials want to feel connected and involved when it comes to their purchases. Traditional marketing methods such as magazine ads, direct mail campaigns and radio spots don’t impress millennials. They view these campaigns as impersonal and company focused, lacking real substance. Instead, this generation appreciates thought leadership and expertise. Millennials want to see guidance and when your company takes time to provide that, this generation appreciates it and respects it (HubSpot).

Millennials are shaping the future of marketing and advertising as a whole. They have high expectations, making it important to provide exciting, engaging and unique content that will keep them interested. It’s time to look beyond traditional marketing efforts and go for a more relevant and personalized approach.