Green Beer (and Busted Brackets) All Around for Trilix's St. Maddy's Day Party

One of our favorite annual events at Trilix is a joint celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness. Held March 16, the Trilix FunMittee and BeerMittee threw a big basketball party with a little green beer (or is it the other way around?).

BeerMittee came to win with a starting lineup of perfect St. Patty’s Day beverages, including Guinness Draught (an Irish Stout), Guinness 200th Anniversary Stout and John Smith’s Newcastle brown ale (okay, this one is technically an English ale, but we’re counting it). For the faint of heart, our Coors keg was a crowd-pleaser, with plenty of green food dye to go around.

FunMittee provided the snacks and food coloring. Employees enjoyed a few rounds of green beer while watching a few rounds of March Madness basketball. Speaking of which, whose bracket isn’t busted? Check out your standings in the Trilix Bracket Racket here.

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