If you’ve ever visited the Trilix office in downtown Des Moines, you’ve probably seen the random fire hydrants occupying certain corners of the building. There’s a backstory there: They’re from one of Trilix’s long-standing clients, McWane, Inc.

Fire hydrants need marketing just like anything else. An industry giant, McWane manufactures the pipe, valves, hydrants and fittings that make up North America’s water infrastructure. To meet their marketing needs, we work to create messaging that carries a consistent company ethos across McWane’s many company divisions.

When Trilix set out to overhaul McWane’s existing web presence, we knew that we would need to support the larger brand, while still retaining a sense of individuality among each of their smaller companies. We worked with McWane to design a sleek new look that could be applied consistently across each website, but with company-specific logos and colors. These stylistic advances were matched with content additions and functions. Smaller company sites now featured new add-ons like customized product lists, submittal sheets, price guides and more, while McWane gained the ability to push messaging and updates out from the central corporate page.

Trilix has also developed multiple integrated print campaigns over the course of our partnership. By putting a creative spin on traditional McWane values like durability and quality, we promote their brand presence while enhancing the company image. Looking at examples from McWane companies like Kennedy Valve, M&H Valve and Clow Valve, you can see how content in many of McWane’s print ads and brochures is framed with themes that reflect the McWane brand in a new light.

Other services Trilix has performed for McWane include:

  • Bringing the entire McWane Pipe Group under one umbrella as McWane Ductile, creating everything from the new logo, press release announcements, internal and external communications to stickers on hard hats and the pipes produced by the company.
  • Creating an internal company culture video that each of the divisions encourages their employees to live by. We’ve also done division photo shoots and created plant tour videos, installation videos and any other miscellaneous visual productions the company needs.
  • Organizing the McWane ACE (American Conference and Exposition) trade show booth each year. This includes the trade show booth design, promotions leading up to and during the show, as well as events, handouts and collateral for the event itself.

The marketing demands for a company like McWane are endless, and Trilix has been proud to step up to the challenge every time. Next time you pass a fire hydrant on the street, think about the marketing tactics that led to it getting there. And when you see one around our office, you’ll know why we take them so seriously.