Amerex Corporation’s fire extinguishers are placed in homes, schools, workplaces and public spaces across the country, ready to provide people with critical and immediate protection. But few knew about the people who created them before Trilix had the opportunity to tell their story.

Since 1971, Amerex has grown to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hand portable and wheeled fire extinguishers. The quality of the product is clear, but the innovation and quality assurance behind it has been a bit opaque for Amerex customers. In fall 2018, Amerex Marketing Manager Jonathan Carter reached out to Trilix to change that.

The idea was to create a video that showcased Amerex’s company culture and the employees who comprise it. The finished piece would be distributed on Amerex’s social media platforms. It would also be displayed at industry trade shows and played for visitors in the lobby at Amerex’s office.

“Jonathan wanted to change the game a little bit. He had the idea, and knew we could do it.”

Austin Narber - Account Manager

“Jonathan wanted to change the game a little bit. He had the idea, and knew we could do it,” said Austin Narber, account manager at Trilix. “Amerex is an innovative company and a great place to work. The video would say, ‘this is who we are and what we do.’”

James Drescher and Chad Adams, Trilix cinematographers, traveled to Trussville, Alabama, in January 2019 to film. Trilix had previously produced videos centered on Amerex products and events, but the culture video was to feature the employees and how they produce each fire extinguisher. During filming, James and Chad captured footage of Amerex’s 500 employees in their 400,000 square-foot manufacturing facility.

“Their main priority was to show their culture and employees. That says something about them as a business.”

James Drescher - Trilix cinematographer

“Their main priority was to show their culture and employees. That says something about them as a business,” James said. “They’re making products that save people’s lives, but users never think about it until they need it. We wanted to show how that quality is created. It’s not by robot; it’s by hands.”

The finished video does just that, beginning with clips of the metal cylinders being painted bright red and Amerex employees attaching a hose to the nozzle. Newspaper clips with headlines documenting the company’s growth throughout the years provide a perfect visual representation of the manufacturer’s legacy.

Though the piece begins with manufacturing scenes, Amerex employees quickly take front and center. Viewers are introduced to employees who’ve worked for Amerex for decades, some whose families have worked for the company for generations. A clip of a supervisor interacting with workers shows the company has the same dedication to their employees’ safety and quality work environment that they do for the product.

Amerex’s legacy and commitment to quality outside of their facility is also evident through parallel clips of Amerex testing fire extinguishers in their facility before members of the Trussville Fire Department rely on the product to extinguish a fire in a field.

Last, viewers meet the employees who were assembling the equipment throughout the video.

“The client really trusted our creativity,” James said. “We took something raw and were able to show how Amerex’s workplace culture showed throughout the whole manufacturing process.”

When the video was published on social media during late spring 2019, it was shared nearly 70 times. Amerex employees loved it, Austin said. Their positive energy is what made the video a success.

“I think their enthusiasm is what blew me away the most,” Austin said. “During filming, you’re bound to run into somebody who doesn’t want to be a part of a video. Everyone at Amerex was really happy to be involved.”