Dog Days of Summer

A remarkably diverse and talented group has trotted through our doors this summer. We’ve hosted Henry, Goose, Toby, Nelson, Louie, Bodhi, Penny, Wheatley, Colby, Jax, Arthur and, well, another Jax, and only once did one of them have an accident on the office carpet. No, we’re not naming Trilix’s fabulous (and thoroughly housebroken) employees. We’re talking about the summer-long parade of heckin’ good doggos and puppers who graced our office with their enthusiasm, barks and polite but insistent demands for pets. Once again, Trilix opened the office to the Dog Days of Summer, a weekly opportunity for team members to bring a furry friend to work. Now, with Dog Days of Summer drawing to a close, it’s time to look back on this totally pawesome work perk.

The trend of allowing employees to bring their dogs to work — or even having a dedicated, office-dwelling pooch — has been on the rise in the last decade, spurred largely by the ultra-competitive world of tech employee recruitment and retention. Other industries quickly saw the benefits of canine coworkers, and now Cardigan Welsh corgis and Cavalier spaniels are nearly as commonplace as coffeemakers and copiers. So, why bring dogs to an office?

For starters, they’re adorable, but that’s not all. Research shows that office dogs provide a potent source of social support, a term for “the mechanisms by which relationships with other people [or animals] buffer individuals from stress.” Increases in social support are linked to lower levels of depression and anxiety and better job performance. It’s also a key factor in whether people who struggle with mental illnesses are able to remain employed. Some research indicates dogs, thanks to their non-judgmental disposition and unconditional love, can offer social support more effectively than even a spouse or close friends! Other studies have indicated that employees who bring their dogs to work report significantly lower levels of stress, including lower blood pressure throughout the workday. Yet more research has demonstrated links between the calming effects of dogs and improvements in performance of demanding mental tasks, and between the presence of dogs and a salutary uptick in employee social interaction. A summer full of dogs keeps work fun and helps alleviate stress, even when your workload gets ruff.

Regardless of all the health and work benefits, we’ve enjoyed getting to know one another’s dogs. We’re pretty sure the dogs enjoyed all the extra attention, too. 13/10 would pet again.

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