As we do each year, the Trilix family gathered last Friday evening to celebrate another year of growth and creativity over drinks, food and, as tradition holds, canned meat. An annual celebration of the holiday season and the accomplishments of the past year, the Trilix holiday party is a highly anticipated opportunity to dress up, chow down and escape the office for some coworker conviviality. We were fortunate to have the chance to hold this year’s party at the newly renovated Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel, a Trilix client and the ideal host for a swanky downtown soiree.

The Trilix family noshed on tasty hors d’oeuvres, toasted 2018’s milestones, recounted humorous anecdotes, met each other’s spouses and significant others and even briefly attempted some halting dance moves. Finally, we all enjoyed a rousing extemporaneous speech from founders Todd, Ron and Brett before the annual gifting of holiday bonuses and our annual helping of “canned meat,” which once again was fortunately not canned meat at all. This year’s “meat” was a snazzy new Trilix t-shirt designed by VP of Creative Brent Wirth — a uniquely Trilix complement to the traditional end-of-year bonus for a job well done.

Surely to the delayed chagrin of some team members who will remain nameless, a photo booth bore silent witness to the progressive dwindling of the bartender’s stock. Enjoy the photographic evidence that our team has entirely too much fun together, and note that these photos would probably end up just as silly even if no drinks were served.

The holiday party was a huge success, largely thanks to the event planning prowess of Trilix’s Funmittee. Also, thanks to the Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel for being wonderful hosts. Until next year!