Here at Trilix, our Interactive department is known for their mastermind skills in developing cutting-edge content management systems that include optimal back-end functionality, customized features and the latest trends in web layout. Every website is designed and coded with each client’s brand and needs in mind. No outsourcing, no stock templates, no bogged down or clunky interfaces — only fast response times and intuitive content management systems built with the highest industry standards. Trilix CMS software is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and is user friendly, which allows our accounts team and clients to navigate the web admin with ease, updating fields and troubleshooting as needed. We have decades of experience between the members of the interactive team, establishing Trilix as an industry-leading agency in website development and design.

Web Developer Derick Hutchins
Web Developer Derick Hutchins

Derick Hutchins, one of our web developers, has worked at Trilix for nearly four years and focuses on back-end web development. Catch up with him on his website tips, what he loves most about his work at Trilix and recent trends he’s seen in the web development industry.

What does the web development process entail?

Generally for most projects I am paired with a front-end developer who first designs the site. Once we have a layout, I start hooking the design up to an admin section, which provides the data and content users interact with on the page. Often our creative team is involved, providing photos, videos or PDFs that are added into the website.

What are three tips for back-end web development?

  1. I would consider SEO highly valuable. To increase the presence of the website, include a basic amount of SEO to ensure the website is well represented in a web search.
  2. Organize the site so that highly trafficked pages are easily navigated.
  3. Make sure the site is accessible to users with disabilities and use assistive tools such as screen readers.

What are some recent trends you've seen emerge in the web development industry?

Security certificates on websites are far more common because services such as Let’s Encrypt are providing them for free. It has also made our job of managing the certificates for our websites much easier. I’ve also seen an increased use of file compression to reduce the amount of data being downloaded before a user is able to view the site. This also cuts down on load time and increases SEO ranking.

What inspires you, and what is your favorite aspect about working at Trilix?

I like knowing the tools I create are solving a problem for our clients or are making an existing process easier.

What does your day-to-day look like?

I meet with clients to discuss upcoming projects and site changes and write and debug code that allows clients to manage content on their site and applications. I also administer the web servers and databases while generating data reports.

What drew you to apply for a job here at Trilix?

The more relaxed culture and younger demographic were a few things that appealed to me when I applied for the job. Also, it was right down the street from my old apartment.