In June of 2017, Trilix Video Producer and Editor Rachel Yancey landed in Split, Croatia, the first stop on her year-long globetrotting adventure. Rachel, along with 50 other like-minded professionals, were part of Remote Year and spent the next 365 days exploring four continents while still honing their professional skills in their respective fields. While traveling, Rachel created videos for Trilix clients in addition to working on her own projects.

So how did this work? Remote Year is a company that gives entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers the opportunity to travel and see the world, all while working remotely. They offer a unique way of exploring local communities, while enhancing career development through professional knowledge sharing. Participants live and work in a different city each month, allowing them to see the world as they never have during an unforgettable journey of personal and professional growth.

While we drooled over Rachel’s Instagram photos and videos, she explored Buddhist temples in Asia, visited Machu Picchu, spent a week at Disney World in Honk Kong and hiked Rainbow Mountain in Peru. And that’s only a handful of adventures. Visiting a total of 34 cities in 17 countries across four continents, Rachel saw life through a new lens and said some of her favorite places where Colombia, Thailand, Hungary and Scotland! She even tried exotic new foods like crickets, alpaca steak and khoa soi!

Creating her own travel videos, Rachel practiced her editing skills, worked on her own shooting and drone techniques and even took online editing classes. She also worked on small collaborations with fellow remotes, including an artist spotlight video series called “ARTVENTURES,” where she offered her shooting and editing expertise.

“Remote year was everything that I hoped it would be. I feel as though this year has broadened my horizons, and I can bring these new perspectives to my work at Trilix, with the video crew and our clients,”

We are happy to have Rachel back in the office!