Join Our Team as a Video Producer/Editor

Trilix is hiring a video producer/editor. The ideal candidate will have at least five years of video production and editing experience and is highly motivated. The ability to edit with speed and quality to meet tight, client-driven deadlines is a must.

Job duties include:

·       Developing creative concepts and planning shoots on your own and with a team

·       Organizing and producing same-day edit projects, simple shoots, interviews and more involved productions while working with internal teams and other producers

·       Editing camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects

·       Editing and designing original and existing materials in many different formats

·       Mentoring and leading other video producers/editors on the team

Other desired skills:

·       Proficiency in Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Adobe Creative Suite

·       Storytelling experience

·       Ability to develop image and graphic-driven content

·       Ability to quickly sort and organize a large amount of footage

·       Effective time management

·       High sense of musical taste and knowledge of audio effects

·       Creative eye for camera angles and special effects

·       Ability to film, operate and maintain camera equipment

As our producer/editor, you’ll join a fast-paced, creative environment with a fun, motivated atmosphere and a collaborative team. Trilix is located in downtown Des Moines in the middle of all the action. We look forward to you joining our team.

Apply by sending your resume, work samples and salary requirements by Monday, May 22 to Annette at

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